Photo shoot with Katerina

Citrus Clear represents being original and true to yourself – and we want our models to reflect that premise. We were thrilled when we saw Katerina Koulias.
Tangerine Tingle - model

Katerina is new model who is 17 year old. She came to the photo studio cool, calm and relaxed. Hair in a pony tail, pair of jeans, casual white shirt, and a light application of makeup – gorgeous! We also loved that on her resume, she was involved with planning events in her local community and has an interest in film production. We took multiple photos – with both the photographer and Visual Director asking Katerina to pose, bend, move, and align all different ways while holding the Citrus Clear products.


One hour into the photoshoot, I noticed Katerina started to let loose and enjoy herself. She seemed to have stopped focusing on making the perfect pose, or standing in a certain angle or light – and she just let loose. We were able to see her beauty shining through her peaceful state. At that moment, some one made a joke and the photo below was taken. This is our favorite picture of Katerina because it captures the fun sparkling young woman we spent the day with – she is everything we stand for!