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Our Company

We have a unique holistic approach using citrus ingredients to provide premium, concentrated skin care. We are an evolving company that will continue to focus on ensuring our products are naturally based, eco-friendly, and, sustainable. This is our way of life. We believe in awareness of others, our environment, and, the collective nature of human beings.

Our company is located in New York City, NY and our production facility is located in Lane County, Oregon. Our Oregon production facility is powered using 100% renewable wind energy. People have various skin care needs that are unique and constantly changing. Treatment and products which worked at one point of life, may not work for the next. We have built our company around helping you move through your skin's changes.

Our products are the perfect mix of modern science and holistic treatments - organic and chemical free products that work. Our product formulators have multiple degrees in personal care product science (chemistry, biology, etc.), as well as our chief formulator specializing in organic medicine and plant ingredients. Using this collaborative effort, we have created organic and chemical free products, that support your skin's direct needs using eco-conscious modern technologies.

Our Extraction Methods

There are several methods for extracting ingredients from their source, and the methods vary in terms of maintaining the original ingredients quality. We use the most natural form of extraction, called cold pressed. For example, our grapeseed extract is made by grinding the seeds to a fine texture, dehydrating the grapeseed pulp and then mixing it with virgin coconut. This keeps more of the grapefruit seeds natural power in the formula, as well as additional minerals and compounds. We never use extraction methods which contain the use of any chemicals or alcohols.

Our Standards & Principles

FDA Registered
Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certified
No Animal Testing
Quality Control Checkpoints
Shelf Life Testing
Antimicrobial Testing
Sustainable Practices & Materials

Made and Manufactured in the U.S.A. It is our mission to make holistic products to make people feel good, invigorated and uplifted. We infuse our mission with our natural based scents, which are: