We are logical, straight-forward and transparent:

Natural compounds in citrus fruits are proven to fight the bacteria which causes acne (known as P. acnes), therefore acne fighting products must contain citrus bases, extracts and ingredients.

Citrus Clear's acne product formulas are designed for maximum potency within each specific product line. For example, the Control Acne line of products has the most potent ingredients for controlling acne, removing oil and clearing blemishes. The Sensitive Skin line of products has the most potent ingredients recommended for those with sensitive skin - to maintain the skin's delicate balance.

We believe that everyone is unique and acne is caused by individual factors. Citrus Clear does not take a 'one size fits all' approach to how clear skin is managed. We maintain our philosophical commitment to the science behind our formulas. These acne formulas are holistic and homeopathic, and based in scientific research. We believe in natural and soft healing, as oppose to harsh acne abrasive treatment formulas. The formulas are designed to focus on the positiveness of fighting acne. Gentle acne fighting ingredients, with uplifting scents to awaken your spirit. They will provide multi-symptom relief since your acne is caused by multiple sources.

Clear's acne formulas are designed to treat all causes of acne. We use an all encompassing approach that incorporates organic, holistic and modern medicine practices. Designed to deeply penetrate, all our formulas contain:

  • multi-benefit peptides that are designed to remove redness, inflammation and irritation. This irritation of the skin is what makes acne a red color and leads to unwanted blotchy skin.
  • a combination of polysaccaridhes to maintain the integrity of your skin's gentle elasticity and strengthen the matrix of skin cells. By creating this stronger foundation, the barrier matrix will not allow oil to seep in and create an acne blemish.
  • antioxidants that increase the skin's respiratory factor to improve circulation of skin cells, while fighting free radicals.

All our formulas are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben and sulfate free. We meet the strict US standards of all FDA requirements and are certified in Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). We also abide by the Truth in Labeling pledge which means that we support the clear and ethical labeling of products to ensure that they are easy to understand and contain full disclosure on acne product ingredients and effects.